Wow your crowd with video

Adam Laurie Wow Your Crowd

Crowdfunding Video Essentials. Interview with Adam Laurie   In 2016, Adam Laurie received the Award for Best CrowdFunding Video for the Dolfi campaign on Indiegogo that ran in March of 2015. It was awarded by CrowdInsider at the annual event organised by CrowdFest. Not really surprising, as the Dolfi campaign smashed all expectations, exceeding its…

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7 tools to help you run a crowdfunding campaign

Effective tools to help you run a successful crowdfunding campaign. Over the years I have helped many project creators understand what crowdfunding is all about and to run a crowdfunding campaign. Not all crowdfunding campaigns are equal. All draw on team members who have different skill sets. These varying skill sets support the many different…

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How to Tell and Sell Your Crowdfunding Story

Telling and selling your crowdfunding story

Your story is key   All crowdfunding campaigns need to share their message via a well told crowdfunding story. In this interview, Fiona Scott helps project creators understand how to put together and promote their campaign story. By way of introduction, Fiona runs her own media consultancy with many years’ experience in journalism and television.…

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My Crowdfunding Journey

My crowdfunding journey

Sally Marks describes her crowdfunding journey Sally hails from Somerset in England, UK. She has developed a rewards board that motivates young children to accomplish certain tasks by rewarding positive behaviour. Her product is called TOTSUP. She agreed to be interviewed to let others know about TOTSUP, and how it can help parents. Sally originally…

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How to raise 170% of your crowdfunding target.

How to raise 170 percent of your crowdfunding target

Andreas Müller explains his campaign success. Andreas is based in Southern Germany and has recently run a crowdfunding campaign. He shares with us some golden nuggets on how he successfully raised 170% of his crowdfunding target. Andreas and I met several years ago in the UK. He runs a very successful, award-winning online news service…

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CrowdFunding Experts Share Their Experiences

Crowdfunding Experts share their experiences

Crowdfunding Interviews   Here you will find four great podcast episodes by different podcasters where they interview people who have had success with crowdfunding. Listen to them to gain greater clarity on some of the strategies they employed to launch and run their successful crowdfunding campaigns. The last podcast carries the thoughts of an investors…

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